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Homlly 12 Packs Scented Sachets for Drawer, bag, shoe rack, gift and Closet (6 Scents)

  • A nice home fragrance sachets bring happiness and surprise, put the closet air freshener deodorizer scented sachets bags for drawer and closet to create a welcoming scent. 
  • Perfect gift to add the sachet in the gift box, or give it as a gift for your lovers, families and friends, they will be rejuvenated and surprised by this wonderful nice aroma
  • Store a sachet near shoe rack, pet beds or pet crates. Pet areas smell fresher when you place a sachet near cat litter box. 
  • Homlly Sachet can fragrance rooms, closets, office, vehicles, storage, pet areas and more!
  • Each box includes 12 packs scented sachet, designed with string to easily tie it wherever you want. Bring it on with Lavender, Rose, Jasmine, Ocean, Gardenia, Lily
  • Give you a calming and relaxing wonderful smelling enjoy, lasting for more than 45 days if kept in a closed place.
  • Sachet dimension: 11*7cm 

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