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Homlly 7 Pieces Drawer Organizer Set (Grey)

  • Modular design features seven individual trays of different sizes that can be fitted on all sides, allowing them to be arranged as you wish, so that they fit into the drawer space, and can even be separated and used in several drawers.
  • To change the order, simply drop each tray and rearrange them as needed.
  • Ideal for organizing and storing a wide variety of household items, such as cutlery, utensils, stationery, handicrafts and accessories.
  • The set also has non-slip feet that can be applied once the final layout of the tray has been decided.
  • Dimension: Small 8.5*8.5*5cm / Middle 17.5*8.5*5cm / Large 26*8.5*5cm /  Weigh: 560g

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