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Homlly Babycare Electrothermal Mosquito Liquid Vapour Repellent

  • Homlly Babycare Liquid Electric Vaporizer effectively protects your family against mosquitoes for 30 nights (8hrs/night)
  • Contains advanced ordorless formula that is evenly released into the air, repelling mosquitoes in your room as well as those that try to enter.
  • Liquid are imported from France. Safe for Adult and Baby.
  • Just screw on Homlly liquid refill bottle into Homlly heater and plug it so simple to use.
  • Odorless: No smoke or disturbing odors
  • Each Homlly refill provides you with 30 nights of protection (approximately 8 hours per night). Use more than one device if the room is more than 15m²
  • Choose between: One Plug + 2 Refill Bottles (45ml ea)    OR    3 x Refill Bottles (45ml ea)

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