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Homlly Charging Cable Organizer Concealed Box

  • Perfect storage and cover for power strips, surge protectors and cables in one convenient place.
  • Reclaim lost floor and desk space with a simple, aesthetic and elegant solution for cable and cord management.
  • Protect kids and pets from directly touching the power strips and other electrical equipment and at the same time.
  • Stay organized and keep the mess hidden to make your space look more attractive and open.
  • Designed to fit almost every size of power strip with extra space for the cords, adapters etc.
  • Keep the wire box tucked away anywhere you like. Behind shelves, TVs, or in hidden corners and not worry about anything.
  • Made of (ABS plastic) is resistant to high temperatures and will not catch fire due to an accident or wire damage, providing you a risk-free environment.
  • 1 cable cutouts allows you to manage and customize your cord organization or clean-up effort.
  • Dimensions: 30cm(L)*12.3cm(B)*11.8cm(H)

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