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Homlly Eco Paper Stool

  • This flexible paper chair is inspired by honeycomb, reinforced by numerous folds which allow it to hold as heavy as 300kg per seat.
  • Eco-friendly paper stool with a 45 degrees edge is more comfortable than others, not cutting into the back of your thighs.
  • Special Kraft paper has a waterproof membrane, such that when water is spilled on it, most of the water will flow away.
  • If any water is absorbed by the surface, use towel to wipe dry and stool can be used normally after air-drying.
  • Fold it up when not in use, and store it just like you would store a book. Free up space in your home!
  • Comes with a matching cushion to be placed on top for maximum comfort.
  • Both beautiful and practical, the paper stool will be a focal point of your home, impressing your visitors
  • Can be used in any part of your home, in the office, or even at school.

  • Small (1.2kg): H28 x W32 (Open), H28 x W16 (Closed)
  • Medium (1.7kg): H35 x W32 (Open), H35 x W16 (Closed)
  • Large (2kg): H42 x W36 (Open), H42 x W18 (Closed)
  • Xlarge (2.7kg): H50 x W40 (Open), H50 x W20 (Closed)

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