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Homlly Fresh Flower Toilet Bowl Stamp Gels

  • Cleaning your toilet can be tedious work. Our all new single step release mechanism applies scented flower stamps in seconds. 
  • The user friendly design creates a consistent and simple application process, ensuring an effective and quick toilet cleaning experience.
  • Perfected for the best user experience, our uniquely crafted ocean spray blend scents your toilet with a cooling sea breeze. 
  • The deodorizing power continuously refreshes your toilet bowl with a revitalizing fragrance with every flush.
  • Triple Cleaning Power promotes Deep cleaning, eliminates Odor and prevents Stain build up. 
  • Meant to address all problems of the modern bathroom, the triple power capability coupled with affordable pricing provides you with an incredible toilet bowl cleaner that lasts.
  • With 12 stamps in each of the capsules, and each stamp lasts up to 1 day(depending on how often an individual uses the toilet), offering you about a half a month WORTH OF ALL-IN-ONE CLEANING.
  • Crafted with premium quality and safe material, our toilet cleaning gels are 100% dissolvable, leaving no residual markings.

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