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Homlly Handmade Seagrass Belly Basket for Storage Plant Pot Basket and Laundry

  • Multi-purpose Basket for plant pot covers, storage bins for clothes, blanket, baby toys, home supplies, picnic, grocery baskets, beach bag. 
  • Widely used it in the living room, bedroom, restroom, nursery, balcony or a laundry room.
  • Handmade by local artisan with natural seagrass with love and care, each basket will be a little different. 
  • Multiple Usages (1) Pull it up with handles as a plant pot cover or store toys, cloth, blankets (2) Top folded down inside the base as a smaller catchall storage basket to store your fruits, keys, etc 
  • Each color and pattern of these baskets create an earthy and rustic looking that can enhance your space as well as keep your house organized. It would make any decoration in any room stand out
  • Fill it up with goodies to make an ideal housewarming, christmas, birthday gift, hamper or baby shower bundle.


  • Basket is collapsible, when it is just taken out of the package, please pop it out gently with your both hands. If the bottom is not flat, please flatten it and adjust its shape. It may not look like the same of the pictures at first, but as time goes by, the color and shape will become more natural.
  • If the basket you received is more green, that is because we use season new seagrass. but it will slowly turn to yellow especially when long time under sunshine.
  • Plants are not recommended to grow directly in baskets, it is better to plant them in pots first and then put the pot gently into the baskets. You should notice that the size of the basket you choose is supposed to be larger than the diameter of your pot.

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