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Homlly Kitchen 2 / 3 Tier Dish Drainer Removable Drying Rack

  • Homlly Dish Drainer Rack offers 2/3 tiers of space (can be seperate individually) for draining and drying after washing.
  • Compact yet spacious dish drainer make your utensils stay dry, save your counter space, creating a neat and tidy kitchen countertop, blending perfectly in either White or Black theme. 
  • Includes a special tray for collecting water drips, don't worry about getting wet on the countertop. Just pull out the drainage pan and pour the water out then put it back
  • Adopts a card slot design, which is firm and stable without shaking. The assembly can be completed in 5 minutes.
  • Round smooth edge avoids hurting your hands and protecting your dishes and sinks from scratches.
  • Made of heavy duty stainless steel and painted with paint, strong and sturdy with high-load bearing made to last.

2 Tier Rack
Overall Dimension : 48(Length including the Utensil Holder)x29.5(W)x27(H) cm  

  • 1 x metal dish rack (Base Tray)   /   41.5(L)x27.5(W)x19(H)cm  
  • 1 x metal dish rack (Upper Tray) / 25.5(L)x29.3(W)x14cm   
  • 1 x utensil holder   /  16.5(L)x6.5(W)x11(H) cm  
  • 1 x drainboard Tray

3 Tier Rack
Overall Dimension: 37.5(L)x46.5(Width including 2 side holders)x36.5(H)cm  

  • 1 x metal dish rack (Base Tray)    /  37.5(L)x31.5(W)x17(H) cm
  • 1x metal dish rack (Mid Tray)       /  22.6(L)x31.8(W)x8.5(H) cm 
  • 1 x metal dish rack (Upper Tray)  /  21(L)x33(W)x15(H) cm 
  • 1 x utensil holder, 1 x Chop Board Holder, 1 x Cup holders & 1 x drainboard Tray

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