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Homlly Rechargeable Motion Sensor Light

  • Homlly Motion Sensor light is your best lighted friend in the dark.
  • No wire to run, no drilling holes in the walls, easy to install, and space saving.
  • It turns on automatically when people comes in sensing range while providing just the right amount of ambience. For Model B & C Only. 
  • Rechargeable, say no to battery powered puck lights, no need to change batteries frequently. Easily charged by using a USB cord and No more waste money on batteries! 
  • Perfect lighting for kitchen, laundry room, bathroom, basement, jewelry shelf, etc.
  • Built-in strong magnets to place in mental surface, and also 3M adhesive tape available for non-mental surface.
Choose between 3 modes:-
Model A 
Press On / Off Button Round Light (Non Sensor)
Dimension: 52*52*20mm (400mAh rechargeable battery)

Model B
Auto Sensor Light  (No button)
Dimension: 52*52*20mm (400mAh rechargeable battery)

Model C
Auto Sensor Light with  3 modes (On/OFF/ Auto)
Dimension: 86*86*18mm (700mAh rechargeable battery)

- No light will be activated on bright area
- Sensor light will only be activated on 2 conditions 
(i) when  the area is dark 
(ii) when there is motion detected.
- Only available in warm yellow color

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