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Homlly Self-Powered Wireless Home Doorbell

  • Homlly Self Powered Wireless Doorbell that's self-generating & waterproof. Once the transmitter is pressed, it generates electric power itself. 
  • No battery needed at all. No more exchanging batteries and worry about power off or rainy.
  • With operating range up to 100m in open area, you will always be easily informed when someone is calling from outside, never worry about missing visitors.
  • Offers a wide selection of 32 chimes for your personal taste. e.g Christmas melody during the christmas season
  • 4-level of volume range from 0dB to 100dB to meet your needs for different occasions. Flashing light with audio alert indicators helps hearing impaired to notice.
  • Remote transmitter button is rated IP44 weatherproof. Works between -20 °F to 65 °F; withstands various harsh weather conditions, acceptable for outdoor use.
  • Great for home, apartment, classroom, office, villas and more. And it can be a paging device for the elderly, can signal for care when they need it most.
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