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Homlly Silicone Wood Kitchen Utensils (6 piece Set)

  • Homlly silicone cooking utensils set is made in stylish design; since it's natural wood, each handle has its own pattern.
  • Premium Non-stick Heat Resistant cookware made of pure silica with heat resistant up to 240 degree celsius, will protect your cookware from any scratch.
  • Perfectly designed handle provides perfect balanced weight, it's easy to grip and very practical for cooking
  • With our secure and stylish packaging, it will make a great gift for anyone
  • Rotating base rack hung 5 spoons and makes it easier to choose kitchenware.
  • (1) Cream scraping: length 33.5cm / 13.19in; thickness 6.3cm / 2.48in
  • (2) Shovel: length 33.5cm/13.19in; thickness 8.8cm/3.46in
  • (3) Soup spoon: length 29cm/11.42in; thickness 8.3cm/3.27in
  • (4) Pasta spoon: length 30.2cm/11.89in; thickness 7cm/2.76in
  • (5) Rice spoon: length 32.5cm / 12.8in; thickness 6.2cm / 2.44in
  • (6) Base: length 15cm / 5.9in; high 39cm / 15.35in
  • Weight: about 900 g
  • Material: wood + silicone

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