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Homlly Super Absorbent Non-Slip Heat-Resistant Dish Drying Mat for Kitchen Counter [Hide Stain]

  • Super absorption & heat resistant, Homlly drying mat for kitchen counter is made of super absorbent diatomite material, which can quickly absorb water and catch coffee splashes. Always keep the countertop clean and tidy. 
  • Not only absorbent pads, but also Insulation pads. It can stand 100°C to protect your countertop from hot plates. This dryingmat can be widely used as a kitchen or coffee bar accessories and organizer.
  • Special leather surfaces can hide coffee stains, milk stains, and any other dark messy stains well with this coffee bar mats for countertop. 
  • Keep your spaces dry, say goodbye to the traditional cloth and silicone dish drying mat full of stains. No need to wipe the sink countertops every time after using the kitchen sink mats. You can also use kitchen drying mats as under sink mats for bottom of kitchen sink and countertop waterproof.
  • The natural rubber bottom of the coffee machine pad has a good anti-slip effect. Put the coffee maker on the rug, and the anti-slip bottom will be absorbed on the table to prevent it from moving. 
  • The waterproof bottom can prevent spilled liquid from damaging the tabletop and keep the kitchen countertop clean for a long time. The absorbent mat has tear resistance and abrasion resistance, is very durable.
  • Easy clean quickly by just rinsing, and it dries quickly and naturally without machine drying, which is convenient for cleaning and saves you cleaning time. Only cost you few minutes to wash with dish soap every two weeks.
  • Widely used as dish drying mats for kitchen counter and bar. It also can be used for any small home household appliances indoors. For example, coffee machine, ice maker, mixer, airfryer, blender, oven, pan, toaster, ice cream machine, water dispenser, tray linerer,etc. Even can be used as a pet feeding mat.

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