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Homlly Tongue Scraper Oral Cleaner Dental Kit Adults & Kids

  • Get Rid of Gunk and Bad Breath: Whether you are trying to clear out the white, coated layer on your tongue or maintain better oral hygiene, this effective tongue scrapper has got you covered. 
  • Immediate benefits of scraping your tongue with this device include fresh breath for improved confidence and better overall health
  • Gentle 100% medical grade tool keep you plaque free, spruce up your taste buds and help you enjoy every last bite. 
  • Tough, sturdy, non-toxic material is not naturally susceptible to rust or mold, making it super durable and easy to clean - just put it in a dishwasher or opt for gentle hand wash.
  • Ergonomic 'U' shape curved scrappers are flexible enough to twist and turn, scraping all corners of your tongue.
  • Easy to use with two non-synthetic handles for good grip and an anti-gagging ridge for back-of-the-mouth cleaning, for a great orthodontic gift
  • Travel-friendly and Better than Plastic: The 1 piece kit has individual small portable cases, making it easy to carry around. You can just keep one at home and another at work. 
  • Comfortable size for adults (men or women), kids and pets. The high quality stainless steel can be sterilized without any hassle and won't break, unlike cheap plastic alternatives, making this a great self care product
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