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Homlly Travel Neck Pillow with Built-in Hoodie Cap

With a Built-in Hoodie Cap as Sleep Mask: the hoodie cap can keep warm, cover your head, eyes, ears to create a comfortable sleeping environment, to dim the surrounding shiny light and to dampen the sound and noise, used as a sleep mask. 
Cozy Soft and Comfortable: with inner fillings of diameter 0.5 mm ESP particles, millions of micro beads that can be moved around the pillow, you can adjust to any flexible position easily to best support your head and neck, and have a more comfortable rest and nap. LOCK the Snap-fit Buckle to Better Support Your Neck and Head when Seated ; UNLOCK the Snap-fit Buckle and Use as Pillow when Lie Down. Buckle can be adjusted length if needed.
Multi-function Usage: Travel Pillow for Side, Stomach and Back Sleepers. Lumbar Support. Perfect for the plane, train, bus, and car travel. Or use at home for relaxing on the couch or in bed.
Easy Care and Carrying: Seperated Cotton Case and Inner Fillings Makes Washing Easily, because the case can be removed down easily to wash for care & hygiene; also, the buckle makes it easily to carry, you can easily lock the buckle and attach it to side of your carry-on, or easily compressed into the hand bag. Also, the hoodie cap can be hidden or open if needed.
2 Colors to Choose and Lightweight: Navy Blue and Grey white . Est. weight: 270g. Dimension: est. 16.5cm * 67cm(6.5Inch * 26.4Inch).

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