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Homlly 60 minutes Mechanical Countdown Timer for Teaching, Meeting, Cooking, Working

  • NO Batteries required with completely mechanical countdown timer for school classroom office working kitchen cooking gym body building, etc. 
  • Improve time management increase productivity with daily tasks and more! e.g test taking, managing playtime bedtime routines, setting timeouts and making sure teeth are brushed long enough 
  • Excellent timer to help children understand the passage of time visually. 
  • As the time elapses, the bright colored disc disappears, visual design helps to ease transitions and encourages independence and increased productivity for people of all abilities
  • Multiple placement options with powerful magnetic backing panels making it ideal to place on refrigerators ovens utility cabinets classroom whiteboards and more! 
  • For the larger size timer, come with two foldable legs on the back and also a hanging hole for wall mounted (For the smaller timer, only come with magnetic backing)
  • To activate the timer before EACH USE turn the control knob clockwise to the 55-minute position then turn it counterclockwise to the desired time 
  • Available in 2 sizes (1) 6*6*3.6cm  / Weigh 110g / Stainless Steel material      (2) 16*16*5.2cm  / Weigh 300g / ABS material
  • Note: There is a gentle ticking sound that lets one know the timer is working.
  • FAQ Q1) What if I didn't hear the ring sound?  First, turn the dial clockwise to the number 55. Then turn it back to the number of minutes you want anti-clockwise. When the time is up, it should ring automatically. 
  • FAQ Q2) Who do i have to do the above?  As item is a self winding mechanism timer w/o any use of battery, to activate the ringer, the dial must be at least turn clockwise past 55 mark to generate the kinetic energy for self powdered.

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