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Homlly Soft Diatomite Bath Floor Mat with Washable Cover (Plain)

  • No cold and wet feet: Immediately absorb moisture in 10 seconds when you come out bathroom.
  • Helps you avoid dripping water on the floor when leaving the bathtub, shower or by the sink.
  • Soft diatomite fast dry bath mat is a breathable soil; natural source of water absorbing agent.
  • Besides the bathroom floor, can be used in the kitchen, sink floor, pool side, bathtub mat on any mildew environment 
  • Super soft and comfortable and make to last.
  • With it's minimalistic and sleek appearance, it is suitable for a variety of decoration styles and any part of the house.
  • Unlike the hard diatomite earth mat, diatomite mud mat is easy to bend, does not break, and durable to longer use.
  • Diatom mud bath mat gets dry in few minutes with amazing dehumidification, purification and deodorization function.
  • Made of natural diatomaceous earth mud that is crumbled into a fine powder. Natural diatomite earth powder is securely sealed inside the absorbent diatom bag.
  • Fabric cover is washable and reusable! Unlike the traditional diatomite bath mat, you don't need any sandpaper to grind the surface to clean it.
  • Just remove the fabric cover and wash it with a regular detergent.
  • Mat Size: 32*51cm   / Weigh: 850g
  • Available in palin colors and optional purchase of mat cover. 
Sky Blue
Baby Pink
Green Cover
Sky Blue Cover
Yellow Cover
baby Pink Cover
Grey Cover

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