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When small turns big : Kitchen

March 13, 2015 0 Comments

5 tricks to make your little kitchen bigger


  1. White, Light, Bright 

 Try to decorate your kitchen with white or bright colour and open the kitchen space to let the light go through the kitchen. This method not only makes your kitchen look bigger but also look cleaner. 

     2.  Make use of every area 

               Do not ignore any single corner of your kitchen. Place some pull-able cabinate to keep your spices or       wine bottles. To make it more tidy use baskets or boxes to separate the cabinate area.


    1. It’s not just a wall

                  Change your wall to blackboard so you can note down your grocery lists or your cooking recipes.            Another thing is attach some hooks or shelfs to display your cooking collection!


    1. Choose the floor pattern carefully

                   Diagonal pattern such as diamond will lead your sight to make the room look wider. Moreover, just         like the dress, Horizontal strips also make the room look wider.

    1. Multi-purpose kitchen counter

                  Combine your kithchen and dining room together with the 2 in 1 kitchen counter. This way you can          cook and enjoy talking with your family member at the same time. In additional, you may get more cooking        helper!