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Tidy house is meant for everyone

March 23, 2015 0 Comments

To keep your house clean and tidy, not only make your house beautiful but also help you to take care of your items and  prevent you from the sickness (dust allergy, asthma, etc.) Here is some tips to make tidy house become a piece of cake!
Time to say goodbye
o   We understand that it is hard to say goodbye to your precious memory. That’s the reason why we keep many many stuff in our home. However, these stuffs not only store your memory but also a good place for dust mites! Eventhough it’s hard but try to get rid of your trivial memory stuff such as your kids’ artwork, the leftovers of failed hobbies and habits, gift with purchase or your least favorite coffee mugs. If not these stuffs will continue eating up space for your necessary items.
Use Air Space
o   After throwing away those unnecessary items, create a ideal place for your precious memory or important document. Store them at eye level to make it easy to find. To do so, place the file storage inside of kitchen cabinet doors. It is how you can use every single space wisely.
Control Cords
o   Electric cords can create ugly, tangled messes that stand out like sore thumbs against your home's walls or decor. Find one or more organizer box to hide all of them and create a pleasant look for your room. Moreover, save the plastic tags from loaves of supermarket bread, write the name of each device on a tag and clip it around the relevant cord. So you don’t have to waste time on guessing which cord goes with which appliance.
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Put Your Coffee Table to Work
o   Why do you buy the coffee table if you never use it? Stop covering your coffee table with the stacks of magazines and newspapers. Place a tray to organise the space on your coffee table, make it a home for your TV remotes, pencils, etc. For the bigger item, basket is a good idea to keep your table tidy.


Think Multipurpose
o   Instead of buying a normal coffee table, try to find the multi function one such as a coffee table with drawers, book storage or expanding seat. With this you can safe both your money and your house space.


Every item needs a place where it "lives."
o   This is the most important rule to keep your house tidy. Once you find the perfect places to store all of your items, always place them back to where they live after you use them. This also prevent you from losing things.
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